Consistent. Persistent. Resistant.

On this site  I share my ideas of success and how to get there.  I’ll define what I think success is, and how I’m getting there. I’ll encourage others to define success and share their stories as well.  This site will present thoughts, ideas, and stories as well as the tools, gizmos, software and gadgets that I’m using to get me where I want to go.

Why Consistent Persistent Resistant?

I’ve been fairly successful in my life; I’ve done a lot and I continue to explore new adventures. It wasn’t until I started dieting (for the 10th time) that I understood that what was missing in my previous attempts were the elements that made me successful in my other ventures: being consistent, being persistent, and being resistant.

Here’s how these terms are defined and what they mean to me.

Consistent marked by harmony, regularity, or steady continuity : free from variation or contradiction.
You’ve heard that practice makes perfect? Hopefully, you’ve heard that ‘perfect practice makes perfect’. That’s what consistency is about for me – making the right choices and doing the right thing time after time.  Salad or hamburger? Working on my business or watching TV? Returning a phone call or waiting for the caller to call me again? By practicing making the right decisions over and over again, we set up a practice of excellence.  Consistent choices lead us to our goals.

Persistent: existing for a long or longer than usual time or continuously.

Persistent practice refers to how often we practice our consistent practice. The answer? Always. Doggedly. Persistently. Is there time for a break from persistence? Of course. But I believe that in order to be persistent, you need to be dedicating roughly 90% of your energy towards the goal.
Resistant: the power or capacity to resist

The ability be resistant is actually two-fold. You must be able to resist the temptation of giving up on your goal or giving in to temptations that side-track you from your goal (e.g. eating that piece of cake, spending money that you don’t have, etc.)

Being resistant also means shrugging off those people around you who say that your goal can’t be accomplished, or ignoring those who don’t believe in what you’re doing.  I am amazed at how many people resist popular opinion and move towards their goals. Their successes are all the sweeter.

Make your goals and keep the mantra of Consistent. Persistent. Resistant.


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