wordpress1Part of the way I define my personal success is maintaining a healthy curiousity of most things; travel, technology, philosophies, food, etc. For years, I have used Blogger as my tool to communicate. It’s quick, simple tools allowed me to blog anywhere without having to think too much about layout, tagging or style. It served its purpose well, and I continue to have a few blogs posted on Blogger.

But I wanted something better.

Each blog that I’ve been impressed by seemed to be a WordPress blog. At first, because of the sheer robust number of tools, the layout appeared a little daunting. However, I’m determined to not only use WordPress, but to master it. It fits perfectly into the concept of this site — use the best tools for the job to get the best results.


snail-race Slow and Steady wins the race? Or, Shock and Awe more your style?

Either way, there are elements to success that are shared by both philosophies – being consistent, persistent and resistant. For a detailed explanation about what this blog is about go to the About page.

Define success on your own terms.